We here at PC/OpenSystems LLC get alot of questions regarding Xandros Enterprise Linux.  Here we will answer the most common questions.   We will expand this list as more interesting and relevant questions are asked. Questions can be directed to our support team

Q) What is Xandros Enterprise Linux?

Xandros Enterprise Linux is an enterprise class desktop operating system.  We specialize solely in the desktop.  While we do ship a Small Office/Home Office server system for enterprise class server deployments we partner with Red Hat and Oracle  

Q) What hardware does Xandros Enterprise Linux require?

Xandros Enterprise Linux requires an x86_64 bit processor, 4 gb of RAM and at least a 20 gb hard drive to run a basic productivity environment.  For optimal performance we recommend at least 8 gb of RAM.  You can also install Xandros Enterprise Linux as standalone or dual boot on Intel based Apple Macintoshes.

 Q) What is the difference between Xandros Enterprise Linux and Xandros Community Edition? 

Xandros Community Edition is a free release.  Its is free to use, free to redistribute and free to install on as many systems as you would like.  Xandros Community Edition is self support only.  Xandros Enterprise Linux requires a support agreement to be purchased and Xandros Enterprise Linux contains many enterprise class features that may not be necessary for users of Xandros Community Edition.  Customers who have support agreements with us can add their installed instances of Xandros Community Edition to their support agreements should they decide later on that they wish to have support.

Q) What are Alternative Downloads and are they supported?

Alternative downloads consist of two distributions, Xandros Developer OS and Xandros Community Server both due for release in Fall 2023.  Both use the i3 tiling window manager and are only intended for people with vast knowledge of Linux.  Both are self support only as of this time but we may change that later.

Q) Do we make the source code to Xandros Enterprise Linux and Xandros Community Edition  available to users?

Yes.  We make all source code available to customers.  We offer it for download in ISO format and add additional packages that we may modify.  Customers who want a hard copy of the source code only need to request it in the order notes when they make their purchase.

Q) Are we abandoning the Education market?

No.  PC/OpenSystems LLC is a major player in the education market with installations all over the US and Europe.  We will continue to have a strong offering for educational customers whether it is the general Xandros Enterprise Linux distribution or for customers who want a "ChromeOS" alternative for running web based applications can use the minimal install option which removes all packages but the web browser and customers can add their own PWA's.

Q) Speaking of ChromeOS, what do we have to offer customers thats not already fulfilled by Chromebooks?

ChromeOS is tied to Googles specialized Chromebook line from different OEM's.  If one of those machines malfunctions or is stolen you have to buy a Chromebook.  If those Chromebooks become obsolete and Google doesnt release updates to these machines you have to buy a Chromebook.  Xandros Enterprise Linux can run on any generic PC hardware.  So schools and businesses who migrate over to Chromebooks have a surplus of machines that are basically useless unless they use ChromeOS Flex which can be limited in functionality.  Depending on the systems the Crostini container may not work so they are stuck with web apps.  Android apps are not supported under ChromeOS Flex.  With Xandros Enterprise Linux or Xandros Community Edition you can repurpose older hardware with a modern, supported and updated system.  We also run on all Intel based Chromebooks.

Q) What is our approach to the open source community? 

 We believe that a healthy and vibrant open source community is vital to our industry.  We will continue to make donations and support the OSS community where we can.  We encourage everyone to use open source software whether they are customers or not.  We have relationships with many community distro builders and while some enterprise Linux distributors may consider community distro makers to be "freeloaders" we intend to treat everyone with the dignity they deserve.

Q) Where can I get a copy of Xandros Desktop from 2007? 

While we do have those releases and source code archived, we will not be making them available for public consumption.  They would be useless at this time.  This includes Corel Linux, legacy Xandros and legacy Linspire and Freespire.

Q) I want XFCE, I want KDE, I want FVWM, I want IceWM, I want WindowMaker?

Xandros Enterprise Linux and Xandros Community Edition ship with GNOME and only GNOME.  You can download and install alternative desktops from the repositories.  GNOME seems to be the de-facto standard for Enterprise Linux.  We have nothing but love for those desktop environments and should we decide to build them they will go under alternative downloads

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